The #1 item that home buyers look for when checking out a house to purchase is to see if the kitchen has been recently remodeled. Kitchen remodeling is expensive, and can make a difference on the offer you receive for your house. Everything from the color of the cabinets and type of wood to countertops and appliance color and material makes up the package of what is desired in a modern kitchen.

Many kitchens are moving away from traditional old school uses and heading into digital, 21st century busy family choices. Things like installed, hidden single use coffee makers, convection microwaves, and induction range tops are cutting time and streamlining the use of the kitchen area for busy families.  A kitchen that can service the adults, be entertainment or homework central, and be safe for a teen to fix their own lunch is now essential.

A quality kitchen remodel Albuquerque residents love

When looking into remodeling your Albuquerque kitchen, take into consideration the remodeling contractor and if they are a local, licensed company. Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is a local kitchen remodeling contractor that specializes in New Mexico styling. We can also do anything else you are dreaming about in your kitchen, as our design team has much experience in kitchen and bath design work. We are happy to offer referrals and photos of our completed jobs so you can see the quality of workmanship our kitchen remodel company provides.

Kitchen remodeling in Albuquerque takes knowledge and talent

Kitchen remodeling is probably the most costly change you will make in your Albuquerque home. The return on a full kitchen remodel runs around 54% nationally. If you do a minor kitchen remodel, or refresh, you can usually recoup about 80-85% of the expense in additional value for your home. It pays to work with a design team that knows how to make changes that improve your kitchen and keep within your budget, as well as increase the valuation of your property.

A good team will listen to what you are thinking about, and make suggestions about what will realistically work with your space, budget, and outcome. Kitchens are notoriously difficult to lay out so everything really fits correctly, due to cabinets, slide and ventilation space for appliances, and accessibility. It is even more challenging if the space is small, has odd features that have to be worked around, or needs to be very ADA compliant. Our team can work with all those situations to make your kitchen dream a reality. Our quotes are free and we will schedule around your available time to get the information and measurements we need to create a dream plan for your kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling Albuquerque NM style

New Mexico has its own flavor and style in homes, leaning toward open beams, tile that reflects our sunset colors, and natural wood. A local licensed, bonded, and insured kitchen remodeling contractor will be able to suggest local colors and wood choices, as well as tile or other flooring options.

Modern kitchens often utilize granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Various colors of stainless, including print diminishing material, are now available. Our designer will ask questions about the residents of the home, as “colored” stainless may not be the optimum choice if you have small children or rambunctious teens due to potential mars in the finish that are not correctable. The same applies to countertop materials, which vary from Formica to solid surface to quartz composite to granite or stainless steel and wood.

Granite, while a beautiful and durable choice, does require extra care, as does wood. Some materials are much more tolerant for heat shock and impact than others. If you have a family or do a lot of cooking, a quartz or solid surface countertop may work better in your situation. Our design staff can explain the differences in finishes, serviceability, durability, and if items can be repaired if it unfortunately becomes necessary.

Another consideration for countertops, style and color choices on the cabinets, and other “permanent” installations is timelessness. What we mean by that is do not date your kitchen remodel by the granite or color or style choices. Granite that is more widely available comes from larger quarries that produce for many years, instead of small batch runs that run out. Styles and colors of cabinets make a difference in your kitchen remodel looking fresh and modern, or dated and out of the current fad. Our design team can help you with good choices, or do exactly what you want done to your own tastes.

Contact us for a free quote to see how we can design a kitchen that meets your needs, whether it is eat-on, entertain in, or highly practical. Our experience and ability to work with your budget and current space make all the difference for you to end up with a kitchen you love and that will last for a long time to come.

kitchen remodel Albuquerque

When you are looking for the best Kitchen Remodel Albuquerque NM has to offer

Look no further than Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling. We are local small business owners that take pride in doing a great job. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, and can provide references. We clean up our job site, and try to make each kitchen remodel we do unique to the home and the owners. You and your family spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so one you love makes it quality time.

In Albuquerque, kitchen remodel work is not all equal

Unfortunately there are a lot of contractors or handy men that claim they can handle a kitchen remodeling project, no matter how small or large. It simply is not true. Kitchens are a different category of remodeling that require specialized skills and knowledge of every facet of interior remodeling to have them turn out well and useful. Plumbing, electrical, lighting, ventilation, safety concerns, practicality, usability, durability, and looks all come into strong play when a kitchen remodel is planned. Hire a professional that does the specialized work you need so your finished product is just what you wanted. They will most likely suggest things you needed but did not realize, also.

Things you should consider when looking at a kitchen remodel in Albuquerque

Always hire a licensed and insured kitchen remodel contractor in Albuquerque to do your work. Ask to see their insurance certificates. This is to protect you, as well as them. Any good contractor will not hesitate to share them. Ask for a detailed free quote and a relative timeline. Ask what all you need to choose in advance, such as faucets, hardware, cabinet finish, sink choices, appliances, flooring and other things. A good contractor will be able to refer you to local sources for materials that might even offer a discount for working with them.

Know that a kitchen remodel, even a small refresh, takes time. A small project can take a couple weeks. A full kitchen remodel can take 3-4 months or longer due to things like lead time on cabinet orders. Your kitchen will most likely be out of commission during this time. The remodel needs to be code compliant and several building inspections will occur during the remodel. You should expect some dust and noise during the process. Trust us, it will be well worth it in the increased beauty of your new kitchen.

Call us for a free quote and let’s get started on your kitchen dream. A professional team awaits your kitchen dream remodeling project at Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling.