When you live in a historical town such as Albuquerque, it is important to take the location and people into consideration when you decide to do a remodeling project. While it is truly your home, people come to Albuquerque more often than not to retire, and are looking for a quality house that is very livable for their retirement years and looks like it belongs here. That means you need to consider every remodeling project as an investment in your home, from the expense to the design and implementation of the remodel itself.

Home Remodeling Albuquerque appreciates starts with a quality home remodel contractor

While there are lots of remodeling companies and handymen who can do basic things, it takes a licensed contractor knowledgeable of our local materials, weather conditions, and situations to really do a job right for your home remodel. Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is a full service home remodeling company, locally owned and operated. We are licensed and insured, and live here. Our years of experience gives us a wide range of knowledge on the construction and materials used in our local homes and buildings, and we know how to fix, repaid, remodel, and restore those beautiful structures to fit into the New Mexico aesthetic.

Due to Albuquerque’s location, we know how to work with the highly variable weather conditions we can experience, as well as how to deal with old construction. Many homes in Albuquerque have stucco exterior and even some interior stucco or plaster wall covering. Depending on the period the stucco was applied makes a big difference in the original construction and underlayment. Our experienced team can assess what type of exterior wall construction and covering your home has, and how to work with it to protect it, and blend in with it for any remodeling project.

Remodeling Contractors Albuquerque looks to for quality work

Are those local contractors who live here and know the region. We use local skilled craftsmen on our remodeling and construction teams. We know the building codes, and what needs done prior to each inspection on a job. We are happy to supply proof of insurance and licensing to you. We also use local suppliers for everything we can. We live here and we believe in supporting the local economy the New Mexico way.

Remodeling Albuquerque enjoys

Includes things like additions, pergolas and gazebos, porches, decks, room additions, a new garage, replacement windows and doors, or even changing the configuration of your home. Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling can handle any of those needs for remodeling. We will come walk your site and take measurements, with careful observation and notes of materials and issues we find. We will listen to what you are looking for, and the dream you have in how you want it to turn out. Our talented design team will work up a set of basic drawings to let our construction team do a complete, detailed cost estimate and schedule for your site, and we will take the time you need to cover it all in detail with you.

Home remodeling can take a lot of different avenues. Often it happens as a result of simple wear and tear, when a part of a home needs refreshed or remodeled, or even restored and repaired. Climate takes a toll on window frames and doors, as well as roof and exterior coverings. Years of use by families puts wear and tear on bath and kitchen fixtures and appliances. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders to freshen up the whole interior of a home, or make it look move in ready to list for sale.

Another remodeling need we hear often is reallocation of space. Do you have a den or dining room that never gets used? Even an old fashioned parlor or sitting room? We can convert those spaces into a family room, rec room, home office, or other more utilitarian space. Contact us and tell us what you need. We will come meet at your convenience and do a free estimate, taking a look at where we can move a wall, open up a space, or soundproof another for the young musician in your family. Utilizing the space you already have and repurposing it is a sound financial investment, as well as a way to gain what you need.

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Albuquerque remodeling has to include the fun stuff

We are known for our laid back but active lifestyle in Albuquerque. As the leading Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling contractor in the area, we know that when you finally have some time to relax, you want a space to really enjoy doing it in. Our team can put together a great game room, garage, shop, covered porch with outdoor kitchen and entertainment area, or just about anything you can dream up. We can build it, and we make dreams happen. Contact us with your ideas and we will give you a free estimate so you can start having more R&R time.

Remodeling in Albuquerque NM needs to think about the

Albuquerque is increasingly becoming a retirement haven for many people who seek a smaller city with good weather and lots to do. That said, any remodeling project you consider should take into account if you plan to sell your home, as it might well be a retiree that purchases it. Remodeling that keeps floors level, thresholds and flooring as flat and smooth as possible, and doorways wide will sell a home quicker. Think in terms of areas to set things down, railings on steps, and grab bars and rounded corners in the kitchen and bath areas. Lots of natural light, a blessing we enjoy with our abundant sunshine here in Albuquerque, is also a selling feature.

Our talented design team knows all the details about aging in place and the heights to put countertops and cabinets, as well as door widths, turn radius, and other issues that while pretty much are unseen are most appreciated to a senior wanting to stay in their own home. If you recently purchased a home in Albuquerque and need some interior remodeling help to make your new house easier to live in, talk to us. We can work with your budget and needs to make just about anything you desire become a reality.

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Call Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling. We have the experience you seek to make your remodeling project come to life. We pride ourselves on clean worksites, respectful staff, and efficient use of time and materials. We will keep you informed of every step along the way. We know that you are anxious to see your remodeling project through and done, and we work hard to make sure you get exactly what you want in a remodeling project that stays on budget and schedule. Our quotes are free. Contact us for a convenient time to get together to make your home remodeling project happen.