One of life’s luxuries is the private time you get in your bathroom. This is especially true if you are a parent to little ones or teens, as the time to prepare for your day or unwind from one helps everything seem ok.

Sometimes that retreat called your bathroom could use some updating, or more efficient plumbing fixtures. Here in New Mexico we are always aware of precious water, and high efficiency toilets and faucets can make a big difference on your water bill, as well as improve the looks of your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel Albuquerque NM Style can be yours

When you are looking for bath remodel ideas, whether desiring to create master bath spa experience, a utilitarian room with space for each teen’s personal needs, or a powder room update in the main house – contact our company. Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is a locally owned, licensed, insured kitchen and bath remodel contractor that specializes in exactly what you need done. Our design team can help with ideas, solutions to challenges, and how to make the most of your space while making the bath remodel uniquely yours.

A reliable and trusted bathroom remodel Albuquerque company locally owned and respected

When you work with Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath remodeling, you are working with experience. That means we know what we are doing and will work with your budget. We will provide you a signed quote that is detailed, and give you a time line for completion. We will provide you a list of what you need to choose ahead of time, including faucets and bath fixtures, countertop, vanity, wall covering or paint, and flooring details. Our estimation staff will take careful measurements of your space and make suggestions for door widths, location of lighting, and other important issues that affect the positive outcome for your remodeling project.

Any reliable bath remodel contractor will tell you how long your bath might be out of commission. We know this is often inconvenient in your home, and we will do everything we can to stay on schedule so you can regain use of your bath area as quickly as possible. We also know through years of experience that bath remodels can be dusty and a bit noisy. We will do everything we can to reasonably mitigate both issues, while also protecting your flooring and adjacent areas from the remodeling dust.

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When you are considering an Albuquerque bathroom remodel, think about the future

Since Albuquerque is in the Sun Belt, we are experiencing growth from retirees coming to enjoy our good weather, beautiful desert scenery, and laid back lifestyle. If you are considering a bath remodel and may be selling your home within the next few years, make sure to consider a remodel that works with aging in place. This may include faucets with levers, anti-scald devices, or vanities that will accommodate a seated individual. Grab bars and railings are also important, as well as non-slip, level flooring.

Bath remodeling that is looking forward should be low maintenance, and provide places to sit things down. Wide entry doors, areas with enough radius to turn around easily, and showers that are accessible are just a few of the things that make a home much easier to live in as our movement and flexibility become more challenging.

Talk to our interior design team and we can help you with many things that make a home much more saleable, or live-in-able, as the owner ages and desires to stay independent and in their own surroundings.

Albuquerque Bathroom Remodeling requires skill and knowledge to come out right

Too often we hear about home owners that had their handyman or an unlicensed contractor do work that did not turn out to their expectations on a remodel. We are sorry you might have experienced that, and that is exactly why we recommend a company like ours that is licensed, insured, and experienced in kitchen and bath remodeling here in Albuquerque. A good remodeling contractor will always pull the permits for a job. This protects both the contractor and you, and is absolutely necessary if you have a new mortgage written or sell the home. We know local building codes, we know the necessary drainage and water issues. We know when a filter may have to be installed, or not needed. We build quality into every remodel we do so you get years of service out of your investment, while it continues to look good

Get a free estimate for your in-home bath retreat from a Bathroom Remodeling Albuquerque NM contractor that is trusted

 Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is a locally owned and licensed kitchen and bath remodel contractor that specializes in those specialty spa experiences and practical baths. Contact us for a free estimate. We want to listen first to your thoughts, dreams and ideas, then work a quote for your budget to make those dreams a reality.