Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

A Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Albuquerque NM loves is a major project

A home remodeling project can be a huge undertaking, and usually not one for a DIY. Permits need to be pulled, plans need to be drawn, materials need to be estimated. Tear out alone can be a massive job requiring a dumpster and special tools. Safety is always a concern in any home remodeling project no matter how small. And, home remodeling is time consuming and costly. Mistakes are not cheap.

Do you want to spend your precious free time fighting dust and debris, just to learn the cabinets are an inch too long for your wall?We didn’t think so. Call a qualified home remodeling company that is local, licensed and insured. Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling can handle just about any remodeling job you have large or small, and will do it efficiently and within budget. Our quotes are free, we work around your schedule as much as possible, and we clean up our sites. When you need a qualified, experienced contractor to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home, contact us today to schedule a time to walk your project and get started making your dream a reality.

Remodeling in Albuquerque can be challenging if the contractor does not know local construction

Albuquerque has some really beautiful, old historical homes. They are often made of brick or have stucco exteriors. Those materials require knowledge of how the original materials were made and erected to make sure the remodeling or repair work is done to match and better. Our generally dry climate creates special considerations in any remodeling project, especially with wooden framing and floors. Those are things a local contractor with many years of kitchen, bathroom, and general home remodeling experience in our area can successfully work with.

One thing about our homes in need of remodeling is measurements. Any good remodeling project must start with accurate measurements, and we can tell you from many years of doing what we do that many homes are, well, “not square”. It is important that a remodeling contractor understand and take those building tweaks and foundation shifts into account so that floors come out levels, cabinets are straight, and flooring meets correctly. Otherwise your remodeling job will look like someone who did not know what they were doing, or care, did the work. We care, and we take pride in what we do. We know old buildings each have unique personalities and we take that into account in all the estimates we do.

When you need a remodeling project to match, or to aesthetically blend with our unique New Mexico architecture, you need a local company that has experience in honoring our traditions. Our love of wood and light mixed with the southwestern flair we love in our buildings in Albuquerque can be easily designed into your remodeling project by our talented design staff.

Home remodeling Albuquerque appreciates includes making a home easier to live in

Let’s face it, in the old days homes were smaller for the most part. Rooms such as parlors and formal dining rooms were included in nearly every home, while bathrooms and bedrooms suffered the fate of tiny. Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling can come give you a free estimate of how to better utilize the space in your home, whether it is redesigning the interior entirely or just refreshing a room to make it more user friendly. Paint, flooring, and new fixtures can go a long way to making a dingy, old, outdated bathroom or kitchen into a happier place in your home. Outdated cabinets and walls that really do not need to impede the flow of activity and light in a home can often be changed out or removed to open up spaces or create more useable storage.

One area we run into often is out of date or non-existent adequate heating, cooling, and ductwork in local homes. We can look at your layout and determine if there is a need for additional ductwork, and if the existing work needs to be sealed with mastic to save air loss. We know you like to save money on your utility bills, just like we do.

A positive in selling your home is a bathroom remodel Albuquerque NM’s new residents need

Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling knows that many of the new residents to our beautiful area are coming to retire. They are also hoping to stay in that place they buy for a long time, maintaining their independence and quality of life. That might require some remodeling updates in your home you plan to sell.

Many retirees are coming to our area, and with that is the need to have a home that is good for aging in place. Things like adequately wide doorways, handrails, and cabinets low enough to easily access are all pluses when you go to sell. The cost of a remodel to meet those needs can often be recouped in the additional price you get for your home. Other considerations are fixtures with levers or paddles that are easy to operate, lighting that is bright and controllable from each entry to a room, and level, smooth floors that make walking around a breeze. Our experienced design team can take a look at your home and determine what easy changes can make your place much better for someone looking to stay well into retirement when you sell.

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Albuquerque bathroom remodel needs to be conscious of how long the project will take, and how inconvenient it will be to the customer

There is no such thing as a totally quiet and spotless remodeling project, whether you do it yourself or have a qualified contractor do it for you. We at Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling know this and make every effort to protect your floors and surrounding areas from dust and debris. We will abate the dust and noise as much as is feasible. We will also try to stay on schedule. We know that any remodeling project is going to disrupt your home and probably be a bit inconvenient. That is why we make sure to provide you as much information as we can about when things will happen, and how long they will take. We want you to get back into your newly remodeled bath, kitchen, den, or other areas as quickly as possible.

There is perhaps no area save the kitchen that can cause more challenges than a bathroom remodel. We know that and will work with you to make this part of your remodeling project as painless and swift as possible. For that reason, it is important for safety that all adults, children, and pets are not allowed in the remodel areas during construction. We will meet with you regularly to discuss progress, get feedback, and make corrections if you forgot something, like an additional electrical outlet. Our project manager is always available via cell during business hours, too, should you have questions or issues.

A kitchen remodel in Albuquerque is a big investment with good returns

A remodeled kitchen is the very top item a home shopper looks for in a house they are considering. While the return on a remodeled kitchen is about 54%, the real draw is it can help sell your house. If your kitchen is outdated, or just simply worn out, Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling specialized in turning your old kitchen into something to be proud of.

We know that the kitchen is where your family and friends tend to congregate. That is why every kitchen remodeling project we quote starts with questions. We want to know how much you cook, how much storage you need, and how much you entertain. Is the entertaining the Little League or your bridge club? Each emphasis presents a unique set of needs from fixtures to flooring and storage to size of appliances.
Our design staff is knowledgeable and can help you sort through the needs and wants to come up with a great design that is both beautiful and livable. We can do that and work within your budget, too, showing you where money can be saved and mistakes can be avoided.

Kitchens are a specialization of ours, and they are not for most contractors. Having a kitchen where you can reach for the things you immediately need, get to with your hands full, and are safe for little fingers are all things we understand. Our years of experience let us provide you with a kitchen remodel that you will be proud of and happy to live with for many years to come.

A kitchen remodel in Albuquerque NM can be a very large decision

A small refresh in a kitchen can often be done for several thousand dollars, but any sort of remodeling project is usually a sizeable expenditure. That is why a licensed remodeling contractor in Albuquerque who is local and you can talk to is important. We understand this is a substantial investment in your home and happiness. We know it is not a decision that comes usually with easy decisions for choosing materials, either. That is why we work hard to be in good communication with our customers, sharing our knowledge and helping them with referrals to suppliers that will offer discounts to our clients. We only utilize honest, reliable, licensed subcontractors whom we pay on schedule. We believe the less stressful your remodel, the more enjoyment you will have when it is complete.

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Hire remodeling contractors that Albuquerque knows and trusts – Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

We take a lot of pride in the work we do, just like you do your home. Let us help you make those decisions with a free estimate so you can start seeing your remodeling project become a reality and not just a dream. It will make a positive difference in your life, your family’s life, and you will get to use your leisure time for something more important, like a trail ride with the kids or some mountain biking in our beautiful desert mountains.

Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling. Simply the best.

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Ed J.
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Excellent job. Attention to detail, follow up and excellent craftsmanship. Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling did a major refacing job on our kitchen and bath cabinets and they look brand new. We will recommend him to our friends. Call this company doing home remodeling in Albuquerque
Dave M.
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Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling were wonderful to work with. Communication was great. They set expectations and asked questions about the smallest details to make sure we were going to be happy. Stayed on budget and on time. Would definitely recommend to others. Contact Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling for remodeling in Albuquerque
Derek B.
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We had a major flooding and needed a complete remodel. Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling had great pricing and even completed work ahead of schedule. Communication was great workmanship was amazing and pricing was very reasonable!! Highly recommend this company for home remodeling in Albuquerque nm!!!
Iona B.
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I found Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling through a friend and I'm happy I did! I'm so happy I used them and will definitely use them for future projects (we have many!). It's hard to find a contractor you can trust and we are happy we did! For excellent kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Albuquerque NM сall them.
Nick A.
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I contacted Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling to help me with a kitchen remodel in Albuquerque. They did such a fabulous job with the cabinets, the countertops, backsplash, flooring, everything was expertly done and handled. They were very patient and they explained every single detail to me.
Gil A.
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I was impressed with Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling. They weren't the cheapest but I liked his ideas. He utilized the space so I got the maximum cabinet space in my small kitchen.The entire crew was hard working and conscientious of the quality of their work. They were polite and addressed my questions and any concerns I had. Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is really professional service of home remodeling Albuquerque
Nicole S.
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Nicole S. We had a laundry room renovated. Replaced tile flooring, removed shower/toilet, and replaced 2 doors. (There was a 3rd door that was supposed to be replaced, but this was unable to be completed due to unforeseen circumstances.) Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling were communicative, friendly, and helpful. They did quality work and finished within the timeframe promised. It was a good experience of home remodeling in Albuquerque nm
Julia S.
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Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling were incredibly helpful over the phone. I can tell they give excellent customer service and really value the services they provide. The best of remodeling contractors in Albuquerque
Laura P.
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This is my second time using Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling and again I am very satisfied with the results. I had a bathroom and floors done and they turned out fantastic. The workers are so concise and meticulous it makes it hard to believe that I am getting such quality work done on my house. It would be almost impossible for me to use another contractor on my house. Always a pleasure and I hope to do business with them again for remodeling in Albuquerque nm
Monica D.
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Albuquerque Kitchen & Bath Remodeling did a wonderful job on our kitchen remodel. They were very detail oriented, prompt, on time, completed the job within our time frame, made sure we were happy and did an overall amazing job. We would highly recommend them and we will definitely be using them again for Kitchen and bathroom remodel in Albuquerque nm.